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Whether you are an artist, management company, or any business, everything you do goes towards building a brand name. If you do not protect that name, everything you have worked to create can go to waste.

Have you come up with an AMAZING name for your band only to find out that it is so amazing that another group is using it?  If they have not made it to the big leagues, can you still try to use it? The answer is… depends.  Like so many questions in law if you change the facts, you change the answer.  There is a lot of information that needs to be uncovered before such questions can resolved (like who started using the name first, in what region have they used the name, are you both in the same genre, etc…), but here is some food for thought in the realm of trademarks:

 What is a trademark? Technically speaking, a trademark is a word, phrase, logo or other graphic symbol used by a manufacturer or seller to distinguish its product or products from those of others.

 What is a servicemark? It is a name, phrase, or other device used to identify and distinguish the services of a certain provider.  Basically, servicemarks identify and afford protection to intangible things such as services.

In effect, the trademark or service mark is the commercial substitute for one’s signature.  There are different descriptors for marks, arbitrary trademark, certification trademark, collective trademark, descriptive trademark, fanciful trademark, etc.  It’s important to understand your mark and get legal advice from a licensed professional attorney who appreciates your concerns and can explain legal jargon in an easy to manage way.

At Romeo Law, we understand that you may have numerous questions and we do not rush you or brush you off.  We take each client and their needs as our number one priority.  Need to know how to trademark a name? Are you sure about what is a trademark exactly and why would you need to register one or is someone infringing on your trademark and you need to know what to do next?  Do not lie down on your rights.  Protect and defend your brand identity.  If someone is using a mark you have registered, you need to take legal action.  If you have not yet registered your trademark you should seek help with a formal trademark search.

If you create original works, be sure that you protect your valuable time, effort, and talent by getting legal advice from a licensed profession attorney who understands the ins and outs of the law.  Trademark law attorney, RJ Romeo is not only experienced in handling trademark law issues, he truly enjoys helping clients safeguarding the brand they created.

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Please note that the information on the Romeo Law, LLC website is not legal advice and the law varies from state to state.  Reading the Romeo Law firm’s website does not create an attorney client relationship. It is intended for general purposes and does not replace obtaining advice from a licensed professional attorney.

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