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A record label offered you a contract? Hooray!….but now what do you do? Do not sign on the dotted line without reading or thinking because you are so deliriously happy that a record label took notice your incredible talent and devastating good looks.

Publishing contracts, management contracts, record deals, agency contracts, etc. can be very confusing.  If you have been handed a contract that could catapult your career, do not sign blindly or you may end up with a dead end job.

DO NOT let an excessive Sunset Clause hamper your ability to move on after a deal does not turn out the way you had hoped.

DO hold on to as many revenue streams as possible.  You want your business associates to make money, but you also want to take care of yourself and keep control over your product.

If you are negotiating with a reputable company, they should respect your wishes for an attorney to review the contract before you sign.  They may even advise you to seek legal counsel before agreeing to discuss contract terms.

Make informed decisions to further your career or business by having your contracts reviewed by an attorney with extensive first hand working knowledge of the music industry.  RJ Romeo has not only dedicated his life to the music industry, but he is also a proven trial attorney who can zealously represent his clients in court.  Do not let your hard work go under rewarded by signing an unfavorable deal and definitely do not sign until you fully understand every aspect of the contract.

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