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Protect Yourself

Motorcycles share the same duties, responsibilities and rights as automobiles, but motorists do not always understand that they need to share the road and be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. In fact, 138 motorcyclists died in crashes in Tennessee just in 2012. The fatality rate has been on the incline. Protect yourself, Tennessee Law requires motorcyclists to wear helmets regardless of age and even eye protection unless the motorcycle you are on has a windshield.

Many motorists are not properly insured.  Make sure that you are covered before hitting the road in case someone hits you on your bike and does not have enough coverage to pay for your hospital bills, the loss of your motorcycle, your lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

Do you have medical payment coverage? Do you have UIM/UM coverage? Has your insurance agent explained what that kind of coverage means?  If you would like an explanation from someone other than a sales person who does not know the first thing about being on a motorcycle, give us a call for free legal advice and advice about insurance. Romeo Law attorneys, RJ Romeo and April Romeo, are avid bikers who appreciate the freedom, and also the dangers that accompany the open road.

Protect Your Bike

Customizing your ride? Be sure to keep photos and receipts of the work you have done on your motorcycle to make sure you can prove its value if an accident totals your ride.

If your motorcycle is damaged or totaled in an accident, be sure to take pictures of your motorcycle before making any changes or repairs.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Tennessee

Motorcyclists understand the joys and freedom of riding. Stay safe by wearing protective clothing, helmet, and eye protection. Happy riding!

Get Reliable Advice From A Licensed Professional Attorney

Personal Injury Attorney, April Romeo enjoys riding with her husband, attorney RJ Romeo, and wishes all motorcyclists safe and happy biking.  Please visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s website for helpful information on motorcycle safety.

Do you have questions or need legal advice about a motorcycle accident you were in? Or, if you just want to talk to someone who understands your insurance concerns and who can explain insurance and legal jargon, then call Romeo Law for your free consultation.

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