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If you are visiting the Romeo Law website because you have been involved in a traffic accident of some kind, the first thing we would like to say is how terribly we feel for you and hope that you are well on your way to making a full recovery.

Car accidents can have a serious impact on your life.  Every time you are out on the road, you are in danger. There are countless distractions calling drivers’ attention other than driving. Instead of focusing in the road, so many drivers are out there texting, making phone calls, operating GPS devices, operating stereo systems, reading, and chatting with passengers.

Car accidents can be incredibly stressful and painful.  Medical bills and insurance companies can be very frightening.  Focus on what is most important, your health. Let an attorney handle the headache of the auto insurance adjusters.

Car accident attorney, April Romeo, regularly handles car accidents resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and other serious injuries.  If your injury is not quite as serious but you would like to speak with an attorney about your rights, do not hesitate to call.  You do not have to face the insurance company alone. Sometimes, one phone call can put you at ease so that you know you are on the right track.  In other situations, you may need to hire an attorney.

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What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In A Car Accident:

DO call the police immediately.  If the other driver is at fault, they may admit it to you and then change their story when they talk to their insurance company. Protect yourself by calling the police to make sure a police officer files a report.

DO see a doctor right away.  Adrenaline from the shock of the car accident may mask some initial pain that hits you the next morning. Do not shrug off any pain from a car accident. Make sure you get an opinion from a medical doctor and follow his or her advice.

DO check your own auto insurance policy. Your policy may require that you notify your carrier of the accident. Do not risk a cancellation of your policy for not complying. If you were not at fault, your rates should not be affected.  Find out if you have medical payment coverage on your policy that you can use to pay medical bills while you are treating.

DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR CASE.  In many car accident cases, insurance companies will offer a settlement within days of the car accident. You cannot know what your case is worth or the extent of your injuries so quickly.  You need to make sure that you have healed and your health is back to where it was before the accident happened before you settle your case.  If you have a permanent injury, do not let an insurance company tell you the value of your case; they are not looking out for you.

DO NOT sign anything until you speak to an attorney.  If the insurance company asks you to sign something, do you really know exactly what it means? Is there legal language or insurance terms that you may have heard, but are not 100% certain about how they affect you?

DO NOT let an insurance company tell you your rights or the timeline for your case.  Tennessee law has very important deadlines that you have to meet, make sure you find out what they are from a licensed professional personal injury attorney. Do not get legal advice from an insurance company.

DO NOT let the insurance company push you around.  We would be happy to discuss your car accident with you regardless of your level of injury. April Romeo only represents injured victims and gives FREE, no obligation initial consultations.


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Please note that the information on the Romeo Law, LLC website is not legal advice and the law varies from state to state.  Reading the Romeo Law firm’s website does not create an attorney client relationship. It is intended for general purposes and does not replace obtaining legal advice from a licensed professional attorney.


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